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    • Year Released: 2010
    Checkpoint is a 2010 short action drama film written by Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar, and directed by Ruben Amar.
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    • Year Released: 2009
    Jaffa (alternative name in Hebrew כלת הים transliteration Kalat Hayam, in Arabic عروس البحر transliteration "Arous el Bahr" both Hebrew and Arabic meaning "the bride of the sea") is a 2009 Israeli film directed by Keren Yedaya. A joint Israeli, French and German production, it was given a special screening at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Jaffa is a mixed Arabic - Jewish seaside city near Tel Aviv, where Reuven Wolf (Moni Moshonov) has a garage for repairing cars. His wife Ossi (Ronit Elkabetz) a vain self-centered woman just makes everybody's life difficult. The couple's daughter Mali Wolf (Dana Ivgy) has secretly fallen in love with her childhood friend, the young Toufik (newcomer Mahmud Shalaby), a hard-working youth who has come as a helping hand to his Israeli-Arab father Hassan, a long-time mechanic working for Reuven. Meanwhile Reuven's son Meir (Ro'i Assaf) resents working in the garage and furthermore resents the presence of Arab Palestinian Toufik and bullies him around. In a most tragic night, everybody's life is changed. Meir and his mother have a grave argument and she throws him out. Next morning, a crisis erupts between Meir and Toufik with the latter fatally
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    • Year Released: 2004
    Thirst is a 2004 drama film written and directed by Tawfik Abu Wael.
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