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    Naruto shippuden the movie

    • Year Released: 2007
    When a mysterious character releases an ancient demon that once nearly destroyed the world from its prison, the demon unleashes a horde of demons that will stop at nothing to ensure that nobody will stop him again. Naruto, Sakura, and Lee, with Neji as their platoon leader, are sent on a mission to protect the shrine maiden named Shion, the only one who can seal the demon away again. As the other Konoha shinobi deal the with demon army, the four must protect Shion from the demon's henchmen. However, when Shion predicts Naruto's death in combat with the demon, she begs Naruto to leave her be. Naruto refuses to leave her and decides to challenge his prediction of death. Will Naruto be able to protect Shion and save the world from the demon's wrath? Or is not even Naruto able to defy the fate destiny has already given him?
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