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    • Year Released: 2009
    "The family road trip, that precarious activity of forced intimacy, usually produces its share of inconvenience and dark comedy—awkward charms only amplified when the children have grown up. With wife Valerie by his side and son Ross roped into driving, Alistair, a Royal Air Force bomber pilot during WWII, leads the family on a vacation to Germany with a mysterious purpose behind it, prompting a bumpy ride for the three travelers and their familial baggage. Along the way, director Paul Cotter's debut feature manages the unusual feat of reenergizing the genre of the road film. The acting is as funny and alluring as the landscapes are expressive and beautiful. And the first feature-length film score by Stephen Coates, front man and founder of British cult favorite The Real Tuesday Weld, is a driving force of its own. Unlike other family road trips you may have experienced, you won't want this one to end." Quoting Sean Uyehara
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