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    • Year Released: 1962
    Ssaki (English translation: Mammals) was a short film written and directed by Roman Polański in 1961. This was the last of Polański's short films before he began work on his first feature, Knife in the Water. Ssaki received awards at Oberhausen and Melbourne.
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    Two men and a wardrobe

    • Year Released: 1958
    Two Men and a Wardrobe (Polish: Dwaj ludzie z szafą) (1958) is a short Polish black and white silent movie directed by Roman Polański. The film features two men, played by Jakub Goldberg and Henryk Kluba, who emerge from the sea carrying a large wardrobe, which they proceed to carry into a town. Carrying the wardrobe, the two encounter a series of hostile events, including being attacked by a group of youths (one of whom is played by Polanski himself). Finally, they arrive back at a beach and then disappear in the sea.
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    When angels fall

    • Year Released: 1959
    When Angels Fall, or Gdy spadają anioły, is a short film written and directed by Roman Polański in 1959. The idea for the film was taken from a short story "Klozet Babcia" (aka "Toilet Granny"), written by Leszek Szymański and published in the weekly "Kierunki" in Warsaw, Poland. The film was Polanski's first one produced in color. The film, told mostly in flashback, portrays a toilet granny who reminisces about her former life while daydreaming at her dreary job. (Note:The Polanski film is unrelated to the 1985 stage play When Angels Fall by Michael Jones and Linda Renye.)
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