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    • Year Released: 1969
    More is an English language film directed by Barbet Schroeder, released in 1969. Starring Mimsy Farmer and Klaus Grünberg, it deals with heroin addiction on the island of Ibiza. It features a soundtrack written and performed by Pink Floyd, released as the album Soundtrack from the Film More. A German student, Stefan, who has finished his mathematics studies, decides to have an adventure, get out of his conservative skin and to burn his bridges. After hitch-hiking to Paris, he commits burglary with a friend he meets in a bar to get money and meets in a psychedelic party a free-spirited American girl, Estelle, following her to Ibiza. He discovers she is in trouble with a man named Dr. Wolf. Stefan saves Estelle from Dr. Wolf only to find she does not really want to be saved, and she introduces him to heroin (referred to by the old street name, "horse") which she has stolen from Dr. Wolf. The inevitable spiral into drug abuse and denial leads him down a dark road. This story is modeled on the myth of Daedalus and Icarus with Estelle as the Sun. The French film Censorship Board in 1969 insisted that some of the dialog be censored around the 81 minute mark before the film could be
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