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Best He Is Legend albums

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    I Am Hollywood

    I Am Hollywood is the first full length release on Solid State Records from the hardcore band He Is Legend. It was released November 2, 2004. The album is a commentary on the darker side of the famous district of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. According to lead vocalist Schuylar Croom, "'I Am Hollywood' just mainly harps on the creepy side of the city that is acclaimed for making your dreams come true."
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    Suck Out the Poison

    Suck Out The Poison is He Is Legend's second full-length studio album and was released on October 3, 2006. It was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts. It received mixed reviews from long-time fans due to a major difference in vocalist Schuylar Croom's vocals. The FAQ section of their website addresses this: Mushroom River and Dixie Wolf were originally posted on the band's Myspace and Purevolume pages to give fans a hint of what the album would be like. Soon before the CD's release, Stampede and Attack of the Dungeon Witch were also posted. Schuylar Croom - vocals Adam Tanbouz - guitar, piano McKenzie Bell - guitar Matt Williams - bass Steve Bache - drums Laura Sweeney - guest vocals on "(((louds"
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    91025 is an EP released by the band He Is Legend, in June 2004 on Tribunal Records. This EP features little to no Southern rock influences (with the exception of "Hip Hop: Anonymous"), featuring far more screaming than later material, particularly in "Scram Toots".
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    A Kiss That Killed the One We Love (The Uriah Omen)

    A Kiss That Killed the One We Love is an album recorded by the members of the band He Is Legend in late 2000, while they were in high school, under the name "No One Wins". Many of the CD-R copies of the album that have been spread around by their fans have included the four songs from their 2003 demo, which they recorded while they were going under the name "The Uriah Omen". Some copies have even been known to include various other rare tracks and live recordings. In early 2003 He Is Legend (then known as The Uriah Omen) recorded a four song Demo EP to try to attract label attention. The four songs varied drastically in style and were quite substantial in song length. "Shoot A Fireball At It" is dark, melodic, very heavy at times and also consisted of a 7/8 time signature verse and breakdown. "Robotica" could almost be considered metalcore/progressive metal and consisted of odd time signatures, syncopated breakdowns, and even a tapping solo. "The Red Button" is a fairly catchy song with a very pop influenced chorus, but also has heavy parts. "Maybe the Butler Did It" is more reminiscent of fast paced rock'n'roll with a melodic chorus and lengthy breakdown at the end. The songs
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    It Hates You

    It Hates You is He Is Legend's third full-length studio album, released July 13, 2009 in Europe and July 21, 2009 in the United States. It is their first album released via Tragic Hero Records. It Hates You received generally favorable reviews from critics. The album peaked at #126 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the Heatseekers chart. Reviews Steve Bache - drums, percussion Schuylar Croom - vocals Adam Tanbouz - guitars Matt Williams - bass guitar
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    Black Unicorn Split

    Black Unicorn Split

    The Black Unicorn Split is a split CD from southern hardcore band He Is Legend and alternative rock band Classic Case. It was released July 10, 2006 on Future Tense! Records to promote the Black Unicorn Tour consisting of the bands The Fall of Troy and Showbread in addition to Classic Case and He Is Legend. The album consists entirely of cover versions, except for the first track - "Cape Fear", which is a new previously unreleased song by He Is Legend.
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