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    Once upon a forest

    • Year Released: 1993
    Once Upon a Forest is an animated film produced by Hanna-Barbera in association with HTV Cymru/Wales, Ltd. now legally known as ITV Wales & West, the ITV contractor for Wales and the West of England, which operated from studios in Cardiff and Bristol, and released on June 18, 1993 by 20th Century Fox. Based on the Furlings characters created by Rae Lambert, it was directed by Charles Grosvenor and produced by David Kirschner (creators of An American Tail, Child's Play and Hocus Pocus). It tells the story of three forest denizens that go on an expedition to cure their friend, Michelle, who became sick from chemical fumes. The film's environmental theme divided critics at the time of its release, along with the animation and story. It was a commercial failure, grossing only US$6.6 million domestically. The story opens in a forest known as Dapplewood, where "Furlings" (a term for animal children) live alongside their teacher, Cornelius (Michael Crawford). The four Furlings central to the story are Abigail (Ellen Blain), a woodmouse; Russell (Paige Gosney), a hedgehog; Edgar (Benji Gregory), a mole; and a badger named Michelle (Elisabeth Moss), who is Cornelius' niece. One day, the
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    The bears who saved christmas

    • Year Released: 1994
    The Bears Who Saved Christmas is a 1994 Animation, Short, Adventure and Family film written by Rachel Koretsky and Steven Whitestone and directed by Allen Foster.
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