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    Achtung! – auto-diebe!

    • Year Released: 1930
    Achtung! Auto-Diebe! (English: Warning! Auto thieves!) is a 1930 German crime film directed by Harry Piel and written by Hans Rameau. The film starred Harry Piel and Leopold von Ledebur. The film premiered on 5 June 1930 in Berlin.
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    • Year Released: 1935
    Artisten (aka Harry Piel's 100. film or Prince of the arena) is a German circus movie from 1934/1935 starring Susi Lanner, Hans Junkermann, Hilde Hildebrand and Harry Piel, who also acted as director. The screenplay was written by Max W. Kimmich after the silent movie The secret of the circus Barré. The famous artist Harry Peters works on his new vaudeville act at the "Tivoli" music hall. He is assisted by Hella Stoll, who is his foster daughter since her parents, friends of Harry, died years ago. At the premiere of his new act, Harry surprisingly meets his old friend Franz Hofer from Vienna, an agent who also knew Hella as a child. He recognizes immediately that the little girl from the past has turned into a pretty young lady who is deeply in love with her foster father. Harry himself seems to be quite unaware of that. Instead, he finds himself stalked by beautiful Vera Leander, who follows him everywhere. After much hesitation, Harry is that trapped by her that he does not only disregard his job, but also neglects Hella. But after a nearly fatal accident during a dangerous showact, he comes to his senses again and wants to return to Hella. When he recognizes that she has
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