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    Radio flyer

    • Year Released: 1992
    Radio Flyer is a 1992 drama-fantasy film from Columbia Pictures. It is a Stonebridge Entertainment Production in association with Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions (now known as simply The Donners' Company). The film, directed by Richard Donner and, as uncredited, David Mickey Evans, is executive produced by David Mickey Evans and Michael Douglas; and stars Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello, Tom Hanks, Lorraine Bracco, Adam Baldwin, and Ben Johnson. Filming locations included Novato, California, and Columbia Airport, California. Mike (Tom Hanks) is observing his two sons fighting; with one insisting that a promise doesn't mean anything. To make them understand that a promise does mean something, he tells them the story of his youth. Young Mike (Elijah Wood), his little brother Bobby (Joseph Mazzello), their mother Mary (Lorraine Bracco) and their German Shepherd Shane move to a new town after their father/husband leaves them. There, Mary marries a new man named Jack (Adam Baldwin), who likes the others to call him "The King". Unbeknowst to Mary, the King is an alcoholic who often gets drunk and beats Bobby. The two boys, seeing that their mother has found happiness at last with the King,
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