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    • Year Released: 2004
    Premonition (予言, Yogen) is a 2004 Japanese horror film directed by Tsuruta Norio. Yogen is based on the manga Kyoufu Shinbun ("Newspaper of Terror") by Jiro Tsunoda, published in "Shonen Champion" in 1973. On a country road, Hideki tells his driver wife that he needs to use a payphone. While his wife chats happily with their five-year-old daughter Nana in the car, he's fiddling with his laptop in the phone booth when a newspaper page flutters near him. He notices a photo on the front page. It's Nana, their daughter. Intrigued, he reads the article that says his daughter was killed at 8PM. He glances at his wristwatch. It's almost 8PM. He looks at his car. His wife climbs out of the car, calling out that she couldn't unlock their daughter's seat belt. As his wife takes another step towards him, a truck smashes into the car behind her. While the emergency employees and police swarm around the accident site, Hideki looks around for the newspaper page as his wife, Ayaka, tearfully tries to stop him. Three years later: Ayaka meets a psychic to learn more about "the Newspaper of Terror". The psychic shows fear and hesitation before admitting a lawyer had contacted her about the
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