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    • Year Released: 2001
    Arachnid is a 2001 horror film directed by Jack Sholder. In this film, giant killer spiders menace survivors of a plane crash. The film stars Alex Reid, Chris Potter, Rocqueford Allen, Robert Vicencio and José Sancho. A plane crashes on an island, and the pilot comes across an alien before a giant spider kills both him and his passenger. One year later, Mercer, the sister of the pilot, accompanies Valentine (Chris Potter) to the same island to locate her brother. On the way to a native village to examine several natives who are dying of spider bites, ticks burrow into Reyes (Luis Lorenzo Crespo). Upon reaching the village, they discover that the village has moved on. Reyes begins to cough up the ticks and Bear (Rocqueford Allen) is forced to shoot him to end his suffering. That night, Mercer wanders off and is attacked by a mutated "spider," but saved by a native, who ends up getting bitten and dying the next morning. The group moves on, and are attacked by a giant spider, which kills Henry (an arachnologist) and Samuel Leon (the group's doctor). A smaller spider attacks bear, and another native is killed. Valentine, Mercer and Susana (Neus Asensi), Samuel's assistant, hold up in a
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