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    The mexican dream

    • Year Released: 2003
    The Mexican Dream is a tragic comedy film, written and directed by Gustavo Hernández Pérez, inspired by true events. The film stars Jesús Chuy Pérez as Ajileo Barajas, an illegal alien who in many ways represents a modern Don Quixote in pursuit of becoming a movie star. A fast paced and fresh film that brings together two worlds and slices into one of this century’s biggest social realities; immigration. The film explores the dreams and delusions, the hopes and desperation of an individual who goes to extremes to give his family a better tomorrow by testing the strength, courage, and passion it takes to follow your dreams. The Mexican dream is a tragic comedy about the longings and delusions of Ajileo Barajas, a naïve, impulsive, but above all else passionate man, who will stop at nothing to live the dream of becoming a movie star, and to give his family a better life. The problem is, Ajileo lives in Mexico. To make his dream come true he will have to play the biggest role of his life. Loaded with madness and desperation, Ajileo comes up with his own master plan. He dresses up as a woman and decides to cross the border illegally, convinced that if he ever faces the law in the worst
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