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    • Year Released: 1947
    Frieda is a 1947 British film, directed by Basil Dearden, screenplay by Angus MacPhail and Ronald Millar and was produced by Michael Balcon. Frieda (Mai Zetterling) is a German woman who helps an English airman, Robert (David Farrar), to escape from a German prisoner-of-war camp in April 1945. It was released in 1947. Frieda is a German woman who helps an Englishman to escape from a German prisoner-of-war camp as the Second World War nears its end. She loves him; he is only grateful to her. In a church between the Russian-German lines however, Robert marries her, so that she may obtain a British passport. Together they eventually arrive in his Oxfordshire home. Frieda meets his family - his mother, his small stepbrother Tony, Judy (Glynis Johns), the attractive widow of Robert's brother, and Aunt Eleanor (Flora Robson), a figure in local politics and vehemently anti-German. At first the townspeople are bitterly hostile to Frieda and Robert is forced to give up his job as a schoolteacher. Gradually however, the ill will retreats, and she is accepted - though not by Eleanor. She is befriended by Judy, who, unknown to Robert, is now in love with him. As Robert settles into a new life,
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    The sign of four

    The sign of four

    • Year Released: 1932
    The Sign of Four is a 1932 British crime film directed by Graham Cutts and starring Arthur Wontner, Ian Hunter and Graham Soutten. The film is based on Arthur Conan Doyle's second Sherlock Holmes story The Sign of the Four and was made at Ealing Studios. The film is also known as The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case. A young woman needs Sherlock Holmes for protection when she's tormented by an escaped killer. However, when the woman is abducted, Holmes and Watson must infiltrate the city's criminal underworld to track down the young woman. Jonathan Small, a prisoner serving a lengthy sentence on the Andaman Islands cuts a deal with two army officers, Major Sholto and Captain Morstan, in command of the prison. He reveals the location of a stash of loot in exchange for their help in helping him to escape from jail. The proceeds are to be split equally between the three of them. Sholto and Morstan go to investigate the treasure which is hidden in an old Indian fortress. When they unearth the valuable trinkets behind a brick wall it sparks a violent quarrel between the two men with each wanting to take all of the treasure. After a struggle Sholto kills his accomplice and
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