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    Midnight lost and found

    • Year Released: 2008
    A young and naive man works as a cashier at a all night milkbar in Bombay. One night, a prostitute buys some condoms off him, and, fascinated by his innocence, visits regularley. The two slowly fall in love. One night the Prostitute attempts to admit her feelings for him but, frightened, he accidentely rebuffs her. In a parallel storyline, the two are being interviewed about the strange relationship, and the man proclaims his love for her, declaring 'It wasn't love at first sight. Or maybe it was." She visibly breaks down, however, the next night she comes to visit him just as always. They admit their love for each other, and, when a man in a truck attemps to attack her, the man smashes the drivers windows in, sits next to her and takes her hand.
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