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    Dead heat

    • Year Released: 2002
    Dead Heat is a 2002 action comedy drama film starring Kiefer Sutherland and Anthony LaPaglia and directed by Mark Malone. A cop forced into retirement by ill health is persuaded by his brother to buy a race horse. It all goes a bit wrong when the horse is stolen by a local mob boss. The film received two nominations in the DVD Exclusive Awards in 2003, one for Best Cinematography and for Kiefer Sutherland for Best Actor. The film used locations in Victoria, British Columbia and Vancouver, British Columbia
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    • Year Released: 2000
    Duets is a 2000 American road trip film co-produced and directed by Bruce Paltrow and written by John Byrum. The motion picture features an ensemble cast co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Giamatti, Maria Bello, Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher, Huey Lewis and Angie Dickinson, among others. The movie "revolves around the little known world of karaoke competitions and the wayward characters who inhabit it." Ricky Dean (Huey Lewis) is a hustler on the karaoke circuit who travels from town to town. At the beginning of the film, he is in Tulsa on his way to a big competition in Omaha with a $5,000 first prize. He is detoured by a phone call and travels to Las Vegas for the funeral of an old friend. While there, he meets up with long-lost daughter Liv (Gwyneth Paltrow), who decides she wants to join him on the road. Meanwhile, stressed-out salesman Todd Woods (Paul Giamatti) realizes he's so burned out from being on the road that he doesn't even know what city he's in. When he gets home, his wife Candy (Kiersten Warren) and two kids are too self-absorbed to even say hello. Todd goes out for a pack of cigarettes, gets sidetracked and discovers karaoke. In the process he makes a new friend,
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    John carpenter's cigarette burns

    • Year Released: 2005
    John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns is the eighth episode of the first season of Masters of Horror. It originally aired in North America on December 16, 2005. The episode concerns rare films dealer Kirby Sweetman (Norman Reedus) who is deeply in debt and trying to keep his small independent theater open. He is hired by an old cinephile, Mr. Bellinger (Udo Kier) to find the only existing print of an elusive thirty-year old movie, La Fin Absolue du Monde (French: The Absolute End of the World), which supposedly sparked a homicidal riot during its premiere at the Sitges Film Festival after which it was destroyed. The episode follows Kirby as he pursues a series of clues that lead him inexorably towards a horrific and bloody conclusion. The film resembles one of John Carpenter's previous films, the 1995 H. P. Lovecraft-inspired In the Mouth of Madness. Both films connect art with insanity; both involve the restraint of supernatural entities by artists; both explore the breakdown of civilized humanity; and both follow the descent into madness of a rational investigator who is forced to question his own conception of reality. More than a superficial similarity can also be drawn between
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    The last trimester

    • Year Released: 2006
    The Last Trimester is a 2007 made for tv movie starring Chandra West, Jim Thorburn, Lara Gilchrist and Matthew Harrison. Tracy (Chandra West) and Eric Smythe (Jim Thorburn) are a happily married couple who find it difficult to have children. After numerous failed in-vitro fertilization treatments and a heartbreaking near adoption, Eric decides to get an old girlfriend Gabby (Lara Gilchrist) to allow Tracy and himself to adopt her baby, although Eric's connection to Gabby is kept secret from Tracy. Gabby agrees to let Eric and Tracy to adopt her unborn child as she is already late in her second trimester. Tracy takes an instant liking to Gabby seeing her as her hope and forming a sisterly connection to the young lady, however Gabby seems more attached to Eric, loving the attention and affection from both Eric and Tracy. Tracy soon allows the down-on-her-luck Gabby to move in. Gabby has started her last trimester of pregnancy, and was forced to move out of her apartment after a flaky roommate didn't pay her share of the rent on the apartment. Tracy had been secretly giving Gabby money and lavishing clothes to her. Closer to the due date, Gabby starts appearing unstable, openly
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    Who's harry crumb?

    • Year Released: 1989
    Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) is a comedy-mystery film featuring John Candy as the title character. Paul Flaherty directed the film, which co-stars Annie Potts, Jeffrey Jones and Shawnee Smith. An uncredited cameo appearance is made by James Belushi. The story revolves around the often incompetent, sometimes genius, private investigator Harry Crumb in his search for a kidnapping victim. While visiting a health studio, fashion model Jennifer Downing, the daughter of millionaire P.J. Downing, is kidnapped. Her father turns to a family friend, Eliot Draisen, who is president of the detective agency Crumb & Crumb, to investigate the case. Eliot is reluctant to supply P.J. with one of his capable detectives, because, as it turns out, Eliot himself is the organizer of the kidnapping. But to give the appearance of taking the investigation seriously, Eliot offers P.J. the services of Harry Crumb (Candy), the last descendant of the agency's founders. Eliot talks up Harry's detecting skills to persuade P.J. that he's the right man for the job, but he secretly knows that Harry is incompetent and counts on this fact to allow him to slip right through the detective's fingers. Crumb returns to
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