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    The truth about love

    • Year Released: 2005
    The Truth About Love is a 2004 film directed by John Hay. After Alice Holbrook (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a happily married English woman living in Bristol, receives an anonymous Valentine's Day card with radish seeds in it, she automatically assumes the card is from her supposedly loving lawyer husband, Sam (Jimi Mistry), and that he is trying to be romantic. In return, Alice decides to write an anonymous reply to her husband to keep the gimmick going, but only accidentally sends the card after a drunken night with her sister. What Alice does not realize, however, is that her husband did, in fact, not send her the original Valentine's Day card; her husband's best friend and lawyer partner, Archie (Dougray Scott), did. When Alice's husband does not mention that he has received her card, Alice becomes suspicious that he is cheating on her with another woman. In an attempt to discover the truth, Alice calls her husband and pretends to be another woman with a deep, sultry voice who she calls "Anonymous." After her husband agrees to meet with "Anonymous," Alice becomes even more distraught, but continues to try and win her husband back. However, in the process, she discovers her husband
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