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    Juno and the paycock

    • Year Released: 1930
    Juno and the Paycock (1930) is a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and starring Barry Fitzgerald, Maire O'Neill, Edward Chapman and Sara Allgood. The film was based on a successful play by Sean O'Casey. Barry Fitzgerald appears as an orator in the first scene of the film, but has no other role. In the slums of Dublin during the Irish Civil War, Captain Boyle (Edward Chapman) lives in a two room tenement flat with his wife Juno (Sara Allgood) and children Mary (Kathleen O'Regan) and Johnny (John Laurie). Juno has dubbed her husband "Captain Paycock" because she thinks him as useful and vain as a Peacock. Juno works while the Captain loafs around the flat when not drinking up the family's meager finances at the neighborhood pub. Daughter Mary has a job but is presently on strike against the victimization of a co-worker. Son Johnny has become a semi invalid after losing an arm and severely injuring his hip in a fight with the Black and Tans during the Irish War of Independence. Although Johnny has taken the Anti-Treaty side during the continuing Irish Civil War, he has recently turned in a fellow IRA member to the Irish Free State police. As a result, Captain Paycock tells his friend
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