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    Birth of a nation

    • Year Released: 1983
    Birth of a Nation is a 1982 film starred Jim Broadbent as teacher Geoff Figg. Scripted by David Leland and directed by Mike Newell, the film was part of a series titled "Tales Out Of School", which included R.H.I.N.O.; Really Here in Name Only, Flying Into The Wind and the Tim Roth film Made in Britain.
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    My name is modesty

    • Year Released: 2004
    My Name Is Modesty is a 2003 American action film that was released direct-to-DVD. The film is based on the early years of the character Modesty Blaise, a former crime boss turned secret agent. This is the third production that brings Peter O'Donnell's character Modesty Blaise to the screen, following the feature film Modesty Blaise with Monica Vitti in 1966 and the TV pilot Modesty Blaise with Ann Turkel in 1982. The film stars British actress Alexandra Staden as Modesty and chronicles a crucial event in the character's life some time prior to the start of the comic strip. After director Scott Spiegel filmed From Dusk till Dawn 2 in 1999, producer Harvey Weinstein asked Spiegel to direct My Name Is Modesty. Quentin Tarantino joined the filming as an executive producer. Filming took place in Bucharest, Romania and lasted 18 days. The film was produced pro forma for Miramax Films to maintain rights to the source material, the Modesty Blaise comic strip. My Name Is Modesty was released straight to DVD. Juan Morales of The New York Times called the film one of the "vivid examples of Mr. Spiegel’s sly, visual directing style". Joe Leydon of Variety opined that the film "isn't half-bad"
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