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    Call of the flesh

    • Year Released: 1930
    Call of the Flesh (1930) is an American musical film directed by Charles Brabin. The film stars Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, and Renée Adorée. It featured several songs performed by Novarro and originally included a sequence photographed in Technicolor. Filming of Call of the Flesh began on January 27, 1930 under the working title The Singer of Seville, and lasted through March. It was shot at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios in Culver City. Before the premiere, the title was changed to Call of the Flesh because the original title made it sound too much like a musical. Ramon Novarro apparently hated the new title. This film marked Novarro's fourth film appearance with Renée Adorée, and his third with Dorothy Jordan. Charles Brabin and Novarro had previously worked together on Ben-Hur before Brabin had been fired from that project. Novarro would later claim that he, not Brabin, actually directed most of Call of the Flesh. Novarro insisted that Renée Adorée be cast in the film opposite him, despite the fact that she was extremely ill with tuberculosis. and the actress suffered two hemorrhages during production which almost shut the project down. In one instance, Novarro tried to
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