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    Haircut #1

    • Year Released: 1963
    "In Haircut #1, Andy Warhol pays tribute to members of the early 1960s experimental dance collective Judson Dance Theater, including lighting designers Billy Linich (later known as Billy Name) and John Dodd, dancer Freddie Herko, and choreographer James Waring. Unlike the minimalist portrait films Kiss (1963) and Blow Job (1963), Haircut #1 is noteworthy for its shifting camera position, lighting, and multiple characters. Herko’s striptease and everyday movement, drawing on the dance styles featured at Judson, steals the viewer’s attention away from the haircut that inspired the film’s title. And if you thought Sharon Stone was the first to indelicately uncross her legs in the infamous Basic Instinct scene, just wait for Herko’s final moment of the film." Quoting the synopsis from the 2010 Frameline 34 - SF LGBT Film Festival site.
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