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    The hero of the dardanelles

    • Year Released: 1915
    The Hero of the Dardanelles is a 1915 Australian film directed by Alfred Rolfe, made as a patriotic war recruiting film. Will Brown (Guy Hastings) enlists in the Australian Army after the outbreak of World War I. He goes through training at Liverpool, near Sydney, and encourages other men to join up, putting up a recruiting poster. A pacifist tears the poster down but Will sees him off. Before leaving Australia, he proposes to Lily Branton (Loma Rossmore). Arriving in Egypt, Will is stationed at Mena camp near the Great Pyramid at Giza, and trains with the other troops. They then move to Gallipoli where Will takes part in the first wave ashore on 25 April 1925. He fights a Turkish sniper hand to hand and drowns him. He returns him wounded and marries Lily. The film ends with a fall for Australian men to enlist. The movie was the first feature from Australasian Films since 1912, although they had made newsreels and short films during that time. It was a sequel to Will they Never Come? (1915), using many of the same cast and crew. It too was made with the co-operation of the Department of Defence. Some commentators believe Australasian Films were partly motivated to make the movie to
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