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    • Year Released: 1925
    Raffles (1925) is a feature length silent adventure crime/romance motion picture starring House Peters, Miss DuPont, Hedda Hopper, Fred Esmelton and Walter Long. The film was directed by King Baggot and produced by Carl Laemmle's Universal Pictures, with a screenplay adapted by Harvey F. Thew from the play by Eugene W. Presbrey and the novel by E. W. Hornung. Raffles (House Peters) is an English gentleman with a secret life—he is the notorious jewel thief known as "The Amateur Cracksman". While sailing from India to England accompanied by his friend, Bunny Manners (Freeman Wood), it is rumored that the infamous cracksman is aboard ship. Raffles warns a lady passenger to keep an eye on her necklace, which is stolen soon afterward. Although a search reveals no evidence, the necklace is returned upon reaching London. Lord Amersteth (Winter Hall) and his wife, Lady Amersteth (Kate Lester), are having a party at their home and Raffles attends. Another guest, noted criminologist Captain Bedford (Fred Esmelton), makes the assertion that a very valuable string of pearls cannot be stolen. Encouraged by this, Raffles steals it. He has also stolen the heart of Gwendolyn Amersteth (Miss
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    The law of compensation

    • Year Released: 1917
    The Law of Compensation is a 1917 drama film written by Edna G. Riley and directed by Joseph A. Golden and Julius Steger.
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