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    Dark world

    • Year Released: 1935
    Dark World (1935) is a British film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and starring Tamara Desni, Leon Quartermaine, and Googie Withers. The film, released by Fox Film Corporation, is now considered a lost film.
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    Queen of hearts

    • Year Released: 1936
    Queen of Hearts is a 1936 British musical comedy film directed by Monty Banks and starring Gracie Fields, John Loder and Enid Stamp-Taylor. Grace Perkins (Gracie Fields) is an ordinary working class seamstress who is mistaken as a rich patron of the arts. When she's asked to back a new show she plays along with the charade, hoping that she can become the production's leading lady. When the show opens Grace is a huge hit and goes on to become a glamorous star. This film is currently available as part of the Gracie Fields collector's edition which in addition to this film includes the films Sally in Our Alley (1931), Looking on the Bright Side (1932), Love, Life and Laughter (1934), Sing As We Go (1934), Look Up and Laugh (1935) and The Show Goes On (1937), these are on 4 discs. Two films each on three of the discs with the other film on disc four.
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