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    Little white lies

    • Year Released: 2009
    "Set in 1931 Germany, this gripping, beautifully executed feature foreshadows coming fascism through the microcosm of a school. Based on the novel by Anna Maria Joki, the film centers on Alexander, an A class student who accidentally damages a book he borrowed from a friend in the B class. Taking what seems like the easy way out, Alexander destroys the evidence and denies everything. But this seemingly harmless lie has devastating consequences when it becomes the basis for a hate campaign against the B class, ultimately hinting at situations far more serious than schoolyard politics. Atmospheric visuals—such as gothic lighting, long, shadowy corridors, abandoned factories and dusty shops—create a fable-like feeling that is both timeless and foreboding in this thought-provoking and highly engaging parable about how lies, big and small, can accumulate and create unexpected consequences. Note: Scenes of bullying and a brief implied sexual situation." Quoting the program notes from the 2010 NY-SF International Children's Film Festival site.
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