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    Animal heart

    • Year Released: 2009
    "Paul lives in the Swiss mountains near the timberline. He loves his wife even less than his animals. Rosine has to work for him, always in danger of being raped as if she was his animal property. When he employs a new Spanish seasonal worker things start to change. The "Spaniard" increases the villagers' quality of life. A new wind blows over the farm, yet Paul experiences the feeling of jealousy for the first time. He beats up his wife almost to death. An emergency helicopter brings her to the hospital down in the valley. It's only now that Paul realises that he misses his wife, that he might actually love her and that he cannot continue living with an "animal heart". He has to fight for her eventually. But. Will she ever forgive him for 15 years of humiliation? What does he have to offer in order to survive his battle for life? Paul needs to question all his life principles and to let the animal inside him die off." Quoting the synopsis from the Official Site.
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