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    • Year Released: 1982
    Cyclops (Croatian: Kiklop) is a 1982 Croatian film directed by Antun Vrdoljak, based on the 1965 novel of the same title by Ranko Marinković.
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    Fade to black

    • Year Released: 2006
    Fade to Black is a 2006 thriller film directed by Oliver Parker and starring Danny Huston as Orson Welles. The year is 1948. His Hollywood career deadlocked, Orson Welles (Danny Huston) is in need to get over his failed marriage to Rita Hayworth. When he travels to Rome for the lead role in Black Magic, an actor is murdered on set and Welles finds himself allured by the deceased's beautiful stepdaughter (Paz Vega). Soon Welles becomes embroiled in dangerous political games as the run-up to post-war elections surfaces.
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    Occupation in 26 pictures

    • Year Released: 1978
    Occupation in 26 Pictures, also known as Occupation in 26 Tableaux (Croatian: Okupacija u 26 slika), is a 1978 Yugoslavian war film directed by Lordan Zafranović. It was entered into the 1979 Cannes Film Festival. It shows three friends before WWII in Dubrovnik - a Jew, a Croat and a Italian, who during the war undergo different fates. Crimes by the Croat Ustaše in Dubrovnik are portrayed. Communists, Serbs and Jews are rounded up, and killed in a bus. Eyes are gouged out and tongues are cut out. The film was controversial due to honest portrayal of the widespread Ustaše atrocities by a Croatian director.
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    • Year Released: 1989
    Songlines is a video released by the German band Alphaville in 1990, created during the production of Alphaville's 1989 album The Breathtaking Blue. Nine acclaimed directors (or directing teams) were given a different track from The Breathtaking Blue and asked to make a short movie inspired by the song (the tenth track, "Anyway", is played over the closing credits). Christoph & Wolfgang Lauenstein's video for "Middle of the Riddle" was later retitled Balance and won the 1989 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (albeit with different music).
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    The aviator

    • Year Released: 1985
    The Aviator (1985) is an American adventure film directed by George T. Miller. The story of the film was adapted by Marc Norman from the book The Aviator written by Ernest K. Gann. The film stars Rosanna Arquette as Tillie Hansen, the teenage daughter of a wealthy banker, and Christopher Reeve as Edgar Anscombe, a pilot in the US Air Mail Service. Though set in the northwestern United States, the movie was actually filmed in Slovenia near Kranjska Gora, which was then part of Yugoslavia. The film begins in 1918, at a US Army Air Corps flying school where Edgar (Christopher Reeve) is a flight instructor giving a young pilot landing instruction. During one of the landing attempts, the plane crashes and the young pilot is killed, though Edgar survives. Ten years pass, and Edgar has become a Contract Air Mail pilot flying the rugged CAM-5 route between Elko, Nevada and Pasco, Washington, with a stopover in Boise, Idaho. When asked to take a passenger, Edgar reluctantly agrees, revealing that the last time he had a passenger in his plane, it was the doomed trainee from the opening sequence. Tillie Hansen (Rosanna Arquette) is outspoken and rebellious. She makes it clear that she does
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    The fall of italy

    • Year Released: 1981
    The Fall of Italy (Croatian: Pad Italije), is a 1981 Yugoslav war film directed by Lordan Zafranović. It won the Big Golden Arena for Best Film at the 1981 Pula Film Festival.
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    The harms case

    • Year Released: 1987
    The Harms Case (Serbian: Slučaj Harms) is a 1987 Yugoslavian drama film directed by Slobodan D. Pesic. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival.
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