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    Honkytonk man

    • Year Released: 1982
    Honkytonk Man is a 1982 American drama film set in the Great Depression. Clint Eastwood, who produced and directed, stars with his son, Kyle Eastwood. Clancy Carlile's screenplay is based on his novel of the same name. This was Marty Robbins' last appearance before he died. Would-be western singer Red Stovall (Clint Eastwood), suffers from tuberculosis and has finally been given an opportunity to make it big at the Grand Ole Opry. He is accompanied by his young nephew Whit (Kyle Eastwood), to Nashville, Tennessee where he is supposed to record a song. After a series of adventures which include the nephew's "coming of age" in a house of ill repute, he and uncle Red finally arrive at Nashville, only to have the tuberculosis reach a critical stage in the middle of the recording session, where Red's lines are filled in by a side guitarist. Red finally succumbs while his nephew vows to tell the story of his uncle. Red's vintage touring auto, prevalent throughout the movie, finally 'dies' at the cemetery where Red is laid to rest. Filming took place over five weeks on location. The first part of the movie was filmed in Bird's Landing, California. However, the majority of this feature was
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