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    • Year Released: 1998
    Ronin is a 1998 crime-thriller film directed by John Frankenheimer and written by J.D. Zeik and David Mamet. It stars Robert De Niro and Jean Reno as two of several former special forces and intelligence agents who team up to steal a mysterious, heavily guarded suitcase while navigating a maze of shifting loyalties and alliances. The film is noted for its car chases through Nice and Paris. In a warehouse on the outskirts of Paris, Deirdre (McElhone), a young Irish woman who is a member of the Provisional IRA, meets with Spence (Bean), Larry (Sudduth), Gregor (Skarsgård), Vincent (Reno), and Sam (De Niro), all of whom are special ops veterans. Deirdre briefs the men on their mission, attacking a heavily armed convoy and stealing a briefcase, the contents of which are never identified. Following the briefing, the team begins assembling their equipment, and Deirdre meets with her handler, Seamus O'Rourke (Pryce), who reveals that Russian gangsters are bidding for the case so the team must act quickly to intercept it. Later, Spence is exposed as a fraud and summarily dismissed. The others depart for Nice where they observe the convoy for several days and form a plan. They ambush the
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