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    • Year Released: 2006
    Priceless (French: Hors de prix) is a 2006 French film directed by Pierre Salvadori, who says it was adapted from the 1961 Blake Edwards film, Breakfast at Tiffany's, though the synopsis lays out more like the 1958 novel entitled "Breakfast at Tiffany's", written by Truman Capote. Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a shy waiter at a luxury hotel, pretends to be a millionaire and awakens the interest of Irène (Audrey Tautou), a gold digger who makes wealthy men pay her bills. Irene's elderly lover gets drunk and falls asleep on her birthday so she goes to the bar in the hotel where she and Jean meet. He uses his barman skills to make her impressive cocktails, then he takes her up to the imperial suite where they spend the night. A year later Irène returns to her hotel with Jacques, who asks her to marry him. Later that day Jean and Irène sleep together again but Jacques sees them and breaks off the engagement. Irène returns to Jean pretending she gave up Jacques to be with him, but they are discovered in the Imperial Suite. When Irène discovers who Jean really is, she escapes. However, Jean is in love and goes after her, finding her at Côte d'Azur. Pursuing her, he spends all the money to his name
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