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Best Formula 1 Car of All Time

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    McLaren M19A

    The McLaren M19A is a Formula One racing car built and run by McLaren in three World Championship seasons between 1971 and 1973. The C version (an extension of the A car) was used in the 1972 and 1973 seasons.
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    McLaren MP4-21

    McLaren MP4-21

    The McLaren MP4-21 is a Formula One car designed by Adrian Newey for the 2006 Formula One season. The car continues the MP4-X naming system and is notable for its striking chrome livery which is designed to maximize the visibility of the teams sponsors. The car started the season in the hands of Kimi Räikkönen and Juan Pablo Montoya, but after a few races it soon became clear that it was not as competitive as its predecessor, the MP4-20, despite an apparent improvement in reliability. McLaren did not win a race all season, for the first time since 1996. Their best results were second place finishes for Kimi Räikkönen in Australia and Italy, for Juan Pablo Montoya in Monaco, and for Pedro de la Rosa in Hungary. (key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)
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    McLaren M7A

    McLaren M7A

    The McLaren M7A and its M7B, M7C and M7D variants were Formula One racing cars, built by McLaren and used in the world championship between 1968 and 1971. After two relatively unsuccessful years of Formula One competition, the M7A was used to score McLaren's first win at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix. Designed by Robin Herd and Gordon Coppuck, the M7A was the first McLaren to be powered by the Cosworth DFV engine, which went on the used by the team until 1983. The M7B had outboard fuel tanks and the M7C a modified chassis, whilst the M7D was powered by an Alfa-Romeo engine. The M7A made its Grand Prix debut at the second race of the 1968 world championship. After its victory in Belgium, it took another two wins that year, helping to place McLaren second in the constructors' championship. Bruce McLaren Motor Racing was founded in 1963; Bruce McLaren was a factory driver for the Cooper motor racing team which competed in Formula One, the highest level of international single-seater competition. Since 1966, McLaren and his team had been building and racing their own Formula One cars. Their first two seasons had been relatively unsuccessful, with six points scored (out of a potential
    3 votes
    McLaren MP4/1

    McLaren MP4/1

    The McLaren MP4/1 (initially known as the MP4) was a Formula One racing car produced by the McLaren team. It was used during the 1981, 1982 and 1983 seasons. It was the first Formula One car to use a carbon fibre composite monocoque, a concept which is now ubiquitous. The MP4 was the first car to be built following the merger of the McLaren team and Ron Dennis' Project 4 team, as the car's name (short for "Marlboro Project 4") indicates. The main engineer for the MP4 was John Barnard. The chassis itself was built by McLaren using carbon supplied by Hercules Aerospace (U.S.A.) and quickly revolutionised car design in Formula One with new levels of rigidity and driver protection and its Carbon-Fibre-Composite (CFC) construction, a first in Formula One. Within months the design had been copied by many of McLaren's rivals. The car was originally powered by a Ford Cosworth engine but later switched to a TAG Porsche engine. Hercules Aerospace keeps the car of Watson which was destroyed in the 1981 Italian Grand Prix and shows it off to visitors after allowing them to view footage of the accident, highlighting how it was possible for him to survive in a carbon fibre car. John Watson and
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