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    Sally of the sawdust

    Sally of the sawdust

    • Year Released: 1925
    Sally of the Sawdust (1925) is an American silent comedy film, directed by D. W. Griffith, starring W. C. Fields, and based on the 1923 stage musical Poppy. Because she married a circus performer, Judge Foster (Erville Alderson) casts out his only daughter. Just before her death a few years later, she leaves her little girl Sally in the care of her friend McGargle (W.C. Fields), a good-natured crook, juggler and faker. Sally (Carol Dempster) grows up in this atmosphere and is unaware of her parentage. McGargle, realizing his responsibility to the child, gets a job with a carnival company playing at Great Meadows, where the Fosters live. A real estate boom has made them wealthy. Sally is a hit with her dancing. Peyton (Alfred Lunt), the son of Judge Foster's friend, falls in love with Sally. To save him, the Judge arranges to have McGargle and Sally arrested. McGargle escapes, but Sally is hunted down and brought back. McGargle, hearing of Sally's plight, steals a Flivver, and after many delays, reaches the courtroom and presents proof of Sally's parentage. The Judge dismisses the case and his wife takes Sally in her arms, but Peyton's claim is stronger and she agrees to become his
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    The love of sunya

    • Year Released: 1927
    The Love of Sunya (1927) is a silent film directed by Albert Parker, and based on the play The Eyes of Youth by Max Marcin and Charles Guernon. Produced by and starring Gloria Swanson, it also stars John Boles and Pauline Garon. It premiered at the grand opening of the Roxy Theatre in New York City on March 11, 1927. According to Swanson's autobiography this production had trouble securing adequate cameramen, the services of George Barnes were eventually secured though he is given no screen credit. The film depicts a young woman (Swanson) granted the ability to see into her future, including her future with different men. This film, sometimes known as The Loves of Sunya, was Swanson's first independent production. The story had been filmed previously as Eyes of Youth starring Clara Kimball Young. (That production was also directed by Albert Parker and was responsible for the discovery of Rudolph Valentino by June Mathis.) The production was marred by several problems, mainly a suitable cameraman to deal with the films intricate double exposures, as Swanson was not used to taking charge and filming took place in New York City. The film performed poorly at the boxoffice, and Swanson
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