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    The witness

    • Year Released: 2012
    The Witness is an action-horror movie released by GMA Films and Skylar Pictures, written by Beby Hasibuan and under the helm of Muhammad Yusuf. The Witness was released on March 21, 2012 in the Philippines and will be released on April 26, 2012 in Indonesia. This is their first international movie joints between two producers from other country GMA Films (Philippines) and Skylar Pictures (Indonesia). Angel Williams (Gwen Zamora) is an assistant manager of a Hotel who has just moved from Manila to Jakarta to be with her ex-patriate family. She, is haunted by a weird recurring dream about a young man committing suicide. One day, her family is slaughtered, leaving no one alive. Her parents, her only sister Safara (Kimberly Ryder), her maid, security, all are dead. She was also chased down and shot by the killer but somehow she manages to survive, having a vivid memory of what the killer looked like, but not knowing who he is. Angel begins seeing apparitions of her sister and sees visions of events that led to her family's deaths. A detective investigates the tragedy but believes Angel's experiences are just her psyche acting out. Angel decides to follow the trail her sister's
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