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    The personal history, adventures, experience, and observation of david copperfield the younger

    • Year Released: 1935
    David Copperfield is a 1935 American film based upon the Charles Dickens novel The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger. A number of characters and incidents from the novel were omitted - notably David's time at Salem House boarding school. The film was adapted by Hugh Walpole, Howard Estabrook and Lenore J. Coffee from the Dickens novel, and directed by George Cukor. Arthur Treacher has a cameo as the man with the donkey who steals young David's money, forcing him to walk from London to Dover. David O. Selznick dearly wanted to film David Copperfield, as his Russian father Lewis J. Selznick had learned the English language through it, and read it to his sons every night. After failing to dissuade Selznick from the project, Louis B. Mayer, his father-in-law and employer, agreed that MGM would underwrite the production provided his star child contract actor, Jackie Cooper, was cast in the role of the young David. Selznick fought to remain true to the novel's origins and prevailed, and the role went to Freddie Batholomew after an extensive talent search in Canada and Great Britain by Selznick and George Cukor. Cedric Gibbons
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