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    • Year Released: 2007
    Dukun is a 2007 Malaysian horror film. The film is loosely based on the true story of the murder of a Malaysian politician, Datuk Mazlan Idris, by Mona Fandey, a once mildly popular Malaysian singer in 1993. The film was originally slated to be released in December 2006 but as of today there were doubts as to whether the film will ever be released for public screening due to the controversial nature of the film. The word dukun is a Malay word meaning "witch doctor" or "shaman". Another term for this word is bomoh. In 1993, Datuk Mazlan Idris, who was also a parliamentary assemblyman at that time, had apparently sought the services of Mona Fandey, her husband Affandi, and another helper Juraimi, to help him boost his political career. Mona Fandey and her partners claim to possess supernatural powers as bomohs. The assemblyman had apparently brought a substantial amount of money for this service and ritual. During their appointment Mazlan was murdered. His decapitated and dismembered body was found nearby Mona Fandey's residence. Mona and her accomplices were arrested and a highly publicized and sensational trial for Mazlan's murder ensued in 1994. They would eventually be convicted
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    Leftenan adnan

    • Year Released: 2000
    Leftenan Adnan is a 2000 Malaysian film directed by Aziz M. Osman and produced by the Malaysian Army and Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd. The movie is about one Adnan bin Saidi, a young Malay from Sungai Ramal in Kajang, Selangor who had joined the Malay Regiment of the British Colonial Forces just before the Second World War broke out in Asia. By the time the war broke out, he had been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, and was in command of Company C, 1st Battalion, Malay Regiment after the death of the British company commander, Captain H R Rix. His exploits and bravery in combat while leading his men against the Japanese Imperial Army became legendary. The two known engagements he was involved in are: Both battles occurred during the final phase of the Japanese Imperial Army's assault on the city of Singapore during the Battle of Singapore. He later was executed after the battle. Three versions of his death are recorded. However, the official version will record that he was executed by Japanese troops in anger for his stubbornness in holding his position and inflicting large casualties on Japanese troops. In the film, General Tomoyuki Yamashita commented on the leftenant's
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