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    Mo' money

    • Year Released: 1992
    Mo' Money is a 1992 romantic-crime-comedy-drama film, starring Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and Stacey Dash. The film also features Bernie Mac in his first film role. It is directed by Peter MacDonald. The screenplay was also written by Damon Wayans. Johnny Stewart (Damon Wayans) is a life-long con-man who meets a girl, Amber Evans (Stacey Dash), and tries to impress her by cleaning up his act and doing things the honest way. He becomes a mailroom clerk at the credit card firm where she works and soon finds that he needs money to impress Amber. So, he develops a scheme to commit identity theft (though this term was not used for the crime in 1992) with the credit card information of deceased cardholders that he has access to due to his mailroom position. He justifies his actions because he knows that he is only stealing from the company and not harming the individual cardholders. With the help of his brother and fellow conman (Marlon Wayans), he charges large amounts of money to the cards with the intention of impressing Amber. The supervisor, Keith Heading (John Diehl) (who is responsible for a virtual stolen credit card empire) records Johnny stealing a returned credit card, and
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