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    • Year Released: 2009
    Blessed is a 2009 drama film. It was released in Australia on 10 September 2009. It stars Miranda Otto and Frances O'Connor. It is a film adaptation of the play Who's Afraid of the Working Class?. It is directed by Ana Kokkinos and written by Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves and Christos Tsiolkas. The film is 113 minutes in length and was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The film is centered upon the interweaving lives and misadventures of seven lost youths who wander the Melbourne streets at night. Their mothers await their return home.
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    • Year Released: 2006
    Jindabyne is a 2006 Australian drama film by director Ray Lawrence and starring an ensemble cast including Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Deborra-Lee Furness and John Howard. Jindabyne was filmed entirely on location in and around the town of the same name: Jindabyne, New South Wales, situated next to the Snowy Mountains. The film was written by Beatrix Christian, and was adapted from the Raymond Carver short story, "So Much Water So Close to Home", which was also the basis for one of the storylines in Robert Altman's Short Cuts. Carver's story had been retold in song by Paul Kelly in his song 'Everything's Turning to White', from his 1989 album 'So Much Water So Close to Home' and Paul Kelly would go on to write the score to this film as well. Jindabyne had its world premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and its North American premiere at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was released in Australia on 20 July 2006 and was released in the United States on 27 April 2007. On an annual fishing trip, in isolated high country, Stewart (Gabriel Byrne), Carl (John Howard), Rocco (Stelios Yiakmis) and Billy (Simon Stone) find a girl's body in the river; she has been
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