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    Though none go with me

    • Year Released: 2006
    Though None Go With Me is a 2006 made for TV movie that premiered on Hallmark Channel. It is directed by Armand Mastroianni, and stars Cheryl Ladd. The film is based on the best-selling book by Jerry B. Jenkins. Elizabeth Leroy is a young woman growing up in the 50's. She is has devoted her life to serving God but through many hardships and heartbreaks over the years her faith is tested. She begins to question the purpose of her life. Elizabeth lives with her widowed father who is a doctor. Her mother died of cancer when she was young. She just finished school and wants to see the world, so has no intention of settling down with childhood friend and neighbour Will Bishop when he asks her to marry him. One day she is asked to pick up the new assistant pastor, Ben Phillips, at the train station and show him around town. Expecting to meet an older gentleman, she is surprised to find him to be young and handsome. They fall in love and get engaged. She is heartbroken when he leaves to serve as chaplain during the Korean War. He explains that he believes God called him to serve and that he promised God to follow Him no matter what. He also promises to marry her when he returns. At the
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