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    Fear of girls

    • Year Released: 2005
    Fear of Girls is a series of short mockumentaries created by Dangerously Adorable Productions and written and directed by Ryan Wood. They detail the lives of two heavy Dungeons & Dragons players and LARPers, Doug Douglason and Raymond Ractburger. The first episode became popular due to the filmmakers' use of viral marketing. The two main characters are stereotypical D/LARPing "dorks." Raymond wears an oversized t-shirt with a picture of a dragon on it, they re-enact medieval fantasy battle scenes in their living room in full barbarian and wizard costumes, and they are socially inept. Although Raymond likes girls and has an unrequited crush on the pizza delivery girl (who is obviously repulsed by him), Doug is less enthusiastic and there are scenes of homoerotic tension between the two. They also claim to be "platonic life partners." There is a short middle segment in which Doug dresses like a Druid and has an obviously antagonistic relationship with his sister-in-law (while his brother attempts to keep the peace and explain away Doug's behavior). The humor is heightened by the fact that both Doug's brother, and his sister-in-law are obviously fundamentalist Christians. Fear of
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