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    Reuniting the rubins

    • Year Released: 2010
    Reuniting the Rubins is a 2010 film starring Timothy Spall, Rhona Mitra, and James Callis. It is directed by Yoav Factor. The majority of the film film was shot in Radlett, Hertfordshire, England and South Africa. The film is a family comedy chronicling a reluctantly Jewish man (Timothy Spall) who tries to re-unite his dysfunctional family in time for the Jewish celebration of Pesach so as to appease his ailing mother Honor Blackman. Although they are all from the same family his estranged children hardly seem like they are from the same planet. He must reunite his son the capitalist James Callis, his daughter the eco-warrior Rhona Mitra, his son the Buddhist Monk, and his last son, a born again Rabbi. In September 2011, Monterey Media bought the United States distribution rights from Kaleidoscope Film Distribution. Reuniting the Rubins was selected to screen at the following festivals
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