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    One girl's confession

    • Year Released: 1953
    One Girl's Confession is a 1953 low-budget film noir released by Columbia Pictures. The movie stars Cleo Moore and was written, produced, and directed by Hugo Haas who also plays a supporting part in the film. This film was released on DVD by Sony Pictures in 2010 as part of the Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume II collection. The tagline for this film was "I'm the kind of girl every man wants ... and shouldn't marry". The film has been preserved in the UCLA Film & Television Archive, and was screened as part of their 2008 retrospective "Cool Drinks of Water: Columbia's Noir Girls of the '40s and '50s". Mary Adams (Cleo Moore) is a waitress in a waterfront bar run by a man who had swindled her father years before. One night, she climbs in the man's bedroom window and steals $25,000 from under his pillow. The police arrive the next morning and, to escape pursuit and reprisal of the bar-owner, she confesses her crime. When The money is not recovered, Mary is sent to prison for five years, but earns early release for good behavior. While on parole, she gets another waterfront waitressing job. Dragomie Damitrof (Hugo Haas), the owner of this bar, is a foreign scoundrel father-figure type.
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