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    The hidan of maukbeiangjow

    • Year Released: 1973
    The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow is a 1973 exploitation film written by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert and directed and filmed by Lee Jones. As a sci-fi/comedy/action film. It was re-released as Invasion of the Girl Snatchers in the mid-1980s under the 'Le Bad Cinema' line. and then again on VHS in 1999.. Kaspar (Ele Grigsby) is partnered with Detective Sam Trowel (Hugh Smith). he locates the hideout of a kidnapping and drug ring that Trowel has been unable to find because he is too focused on procedures. Trowel hires safecracker Frederick Fenzer (David Roster) and his bodyguard, Noname (Harlo Cayse), as phoney suppliers to set up Ruthie (Carla Rueckert) to be kidnapped by the ring. She is supposed to wear a tracking device in her bra, but she's taken before she can put it on. Fortunately, Kaspar already knows where the hideout is. At the compound, named the 'Hidan of Maukbeiangjow', Ruthie is killed and replaced with a confused alien. This is supervised by the sorcerer Aph (Charles Rubin), who is a slave to an evil alien named Utaya (McCain Jeeves). Aph accidentally led Utaya to Earth. Another human looking alien (Pepper Thurston), teaches the replacement Ruthie how to function in her
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