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    The cheaters

    • Year Released: 1930
    The Cheaters is a 1930 Australian silent film directed by Paulette McDonagh and starring Isabel McDonagh (professionally known as Marie Lorraine). Phyllis McDonagh worked as art director. The McDonagh sisters made a number of self-funded films together in the late 1920's and early 1930's. National Film and Sound Archive comments: Filmed with a careful eye for detail on location in Sydney and at the McDonagh family home, Drummoyne House, the picture shows evidence of the McDonagh sisters' understanding of mood and atmosphere. This is one of Australia's major surviving silents. Completed as a silent in early 1929, the film was redone as a partial talkie because of distribution difficulties, and used sound on disc with some scenes re-shot. The film was redone again with an optical soundtrack on a Standardtone system. Originally the film's length was 6000 feet plus, it survives at 6309 feet (94 mins. at 18 frame/s). An embezzler, Bill Marsh (Arthur Greenaway), works with his daughter Paula (Marie Lorraine), who serves as a bait, robbing wealthy people. Bill also seeks revenge on a businessman, John Travers (John Faulkner), but Paula falls in love with Travers' son Lee (Josef Bambach)
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