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    • Year Released: 2008
    Gaja is a 2008 Kannada film directed by K. Madesha and produced by V.Harikrishna. The film stars Darshan, Navya Nair and Devaraj. The film is a remake of the 2006 Tamil film Saravana, which was itself a remake of the 2005 Telugu film Bhadra. Gaja (Darshan) and Krishna are friends. Gaja goes out to Krishna’s village for a Holiday but finds some startling events happening. He finds that Krishna’s brother Devendra has a running feud with a rival faction, which prevents a harmonious relationship between the two families. But Gaja becomes a darling of Devendra’s family and he also takes a liking to Shwetha, the sister of Devendra. But in a faction fight later Devendra gets killed along with his wife. Gaja tries to save the situation, but when he finds that the entire family of Devendra has become a target, he wants to run away with his friend Krishna and Shwetha. The rival faction leader’s brother will kill Krishna and in a retaliatory mood Gaja kills him. He then escapes to Bangalore along with Shwetha. And then a cat and mouse game starts with Gaja being hounded by the rival faction leaders. Finally Gaja wins the battle.
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