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    • Year Released: 1988
    Shakedown, also known as Blue Jean Cop, is a 1988 crime drama/action movie starring Peter Weller and Sam Elliott. The movie is about an idealistic lawyer teaming with a veteran cop to find out the truth in a possible police corruption scandal. Roland Dalton (Weller), burned-out, mild-mannered Manhattan public defender, his last case before leaving legal aid is crack dealer Michael Jones (Richard Brooks), accused of shooting to death police officer Patrick O'Leary in Central Park. According to Jones, the shooting was in self-defence and that officer O'Leary was a 'Blue Jean Cop' (an opportunistic police officer who robs drug dealers). Being a 'creature of habit', Dalton seeks the truth to his mysterious case and looks to Richie Marks (Sam Elliott), a renegade loner NYPD narcotics agent. In a Times Square movie theatre, Dalton presses Richie Marks on the O'Leary case. "Go to his house. Cops don't know shit about hiding money", says Marks. The following night, and doing just that, Dalton breaks into Officer O'Leary's garage to find "a brand new bright red Porsche Cabriolet Turbo". Both Roland Dalton and Richie Marks are starting to suspect the same: a large NYPD corruption scandal
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