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    The callback queen

    • Year Released: 2013
    The Callback Queen is a 2012 British romantic comedy film directed by Graham Cantwell and starring Amy Joyce Hastings, Mark Killeen, and Seán T. O'Meallaigh. Comedy set in London's film industry. Kate Loughlin is an ambitious but unlucky actress struggling to get her big break. When she lands an audition for the lead role in a massive movie franchise based on the 'Prince of Chaos' novels by legendary author Horatio King, she passionately seizes the opportunity. However a sleazy agent trying to pimp her to the director Vincent Catalano, pushes her to the other extreme. Determined to prove her strict professionalism, she starts second guessing Vincent's motives. Meanwhile rival starlet Luci makes no secret of her ambitions. When Kate and Vincent are repeatedly thrown together on the set of a smaller film project, her resolve to maintain her integrity is put to the test as she gets closer and closer to her desires. In the cut-throat arena of show-business, Kate stands to learn that her profession is personal, and sometimes friction can create a spark.
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