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    The galaxy invader

    The galaxy invader

    • Year Released: 1985
    The Galaxy Invader is a 1985 direct-to-video sci-fi film directed and co-written by Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler. The monster in the film bears a resemblance to the titular entity from Creature from the Black Lagoon. The film was shot entirely in Maryland. In the introduction which is orchestrated with a background synthesizer soundtrack, a glowing object which seems to be a meteor careens toward the Earth. A young student who sees it is narrowly missed as it falls into the forest ahead of him. A couple hours later, a young couple hears a noise in the basement and goes down to see what it is. They are terrified and wrestled to the ground by the green monster known as the 'Galaxy Invader'. The alien is hunted by a gang of locals intent on cashing in on the creature. The film's cast includes Donald Leifert as Frank Custer and George Stover as J.J. Montague, both featured in Don Dohler's earlier films The Alien Factor, Fiend and Nightbeast. Another of the film's stars, Richard Ruxton as Joe Montague, would go on to star in Dohler's next film, Blood Massacre. Footage from this film was used without permission in the introductory and ending credits for the Film Ventures release of the
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