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    The chaos experiment

    • Year Released: 2009
    The Chaos Experiment – also billed before release as The Steam Experiment – is a 2009 independent suspense thriller directed by Philippe Martinez and starring Val Kilmer, Armand Assante, and Eric Roberts. A deranged man calling himself James Pettis (Val Kilmer) approaches the Grand Rapids Press demanding that it publish his predictions about the upcoming demise of civilization due to the conditions of global warming, warning that he has trapped a group of six people in a Turkish-style steamroom to demonstrate the effects of this environment on humans. A local police detective Mancini (Armand Assante) tries to get Pettis to reveal information that will help him confirm the truth of his story, and to rescue the hostages, but over the course of the interrogation begins to suspect that either Pettis' story is a delusional hoax, or that the steamroom killing has already taken place. As Pettis describes developments in the streamroom to Mancini, the scene is shown of three men and three women meeting in the steamroom of a luxury hotel as part of an online dating promotion, then being locked in there together. When they discover that they have been locked in, they react badly: Frank
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