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    The beast with a million eyes

    • Year Released: 1955
    The Beast with a Million Eyes is a science-fiction movie about an alien able to see through the eyes of the many creatures he takes control of. It was produced and directed by David Kramarsky, although some sources say that it was co-directed by Lou Place and co-produced by Roger Corman and Samuel Z. Arkoff. The movie was released in 1955 by American Releasing Corporation that later became American International Pictures. In 2007 Metro-Goldwyn Mayer distributed this motion picture as part of its Midnight Movies catalog on a double-feature DVD shared with The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues. The isolated Kelley family struggle with their small farm in a bleak landscape. A mysterious plane crash happens nearby. Then wild and domesticated animals and finally their handyman turn on the family and attack. It turns out a space alien (the beast of the title) has taken over the minds of the lesser animals (the 1,000,000 eyes of the title), working its way up to controlling humans as part of a plan to conquer the world. In the end, the family bond together, unite against the alien and their love conquers all.
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