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    • Year Released: 1969
    Impasse is a 1969 American film starring Burt Reynolds and costarring Anne Francis, Vic Diaz, Lyle Bettger and Rodolfo Acosta. The film concerns a group of adventurers trying to recover gold lost in the Philippines during World War II. Pat Morrison (Reynolds) runs a shady salvage operation in Manila. His latest scheme involves finding $3 million worth of gold bars hidden by the military during World War II. To this end, he needs the help of several former soldiers who were present when the gold was hidden. The first is Jesus (Vic Diaz), a Filipino muslim and Morrison's business associate. The second is Draco (Rodolfo Acosta), a hard-drinking, hot-tempered Apache living on an Indian reservation who answers Morrison's telegram with the promise of finding a wartime lover named Maria Bonita. The trio then breaks the third man, the bigoted Hansen (Lyle Bettger), out of a Filipino jail. Draco eventually manages to find Maria in a local bar, but discovers that she has grown older and gained weight. Meanwhile, Morrison rescues the captured Trev Jones (Clarke Gordon), a disabled veteran who holds the last pieces of the puzzle. With his help, Morrison and company are able to figure out the
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