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    Nine lives

    • Year Released: 2002
    Nine Lives is a 2002 horror film starring Paris Hilton. The movie was shot in England and was low budget. The movies settles around a group of nine young friends spending the weekend in a Scottish Country house. Members of the group start dying mysteriously as an old curse hungry for English blood is awoken. The curse kills everyone but one. Tim (Patrick Kennedy) invites eight friends of his to his Scottish mansion for a weekend celebration for his 21st birthday. Among the guests is his former college roommate Pete (David Nicolle), Pete's former girlfriend Laura (Amelia Warner), her best friend Emma (Rosie Fellner), Emma's former roommate Lucy (Vivienne Harvey), Lucy's New York socialite friend Jo (Paris Hilton), Jo's Manchester boyfriend Tom (Lex Shrapnel), and fellow college friends Damien (James Schlesinger) and Andy (Ben Peyton). During the night of a sudden snowstorm which strands everyone in for the night, Tom finds an old book behind a bookcase about a local Scottish lord, named Murray, who was put to death in 1746 during the last Scottish uprising. Upon reading the book, the spirit of Murray emerges from the book and possesses Tom, causing his eyes to turn black, and goes
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